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How to find china best engineered wood flooring manufacturers? Engineered wood flooring China is one of the cost-effective way to get products.

China has always been known as a Mecca in the engineered wood flooring industry because of their quick turnarounds and quality product all at a very affordable price. Recent exposes about formaldehyde being found in Chinese-produced bamboo floors and wood being illegally harvested and certified have soured the public’s opinion a bit. The old saying is that 5% of the problem shouldn’t affect 95% of the industry though and although there are some ‘bad apples’ in the Chinese flooring market, many quality ones very much still exist. Until the fly-by-night manufacturers get weeded out, customers should follow these tips to know 100% that their Chinese engineered wood flooring is safe and of the highest quality.

Veneer Quality

One of the most important things to look into when selecting flooring is the grade. For example, veneer grading for Oak in Chinese factories is separated into AB, ABC, and CD grade. This information is documented and comes with photographs that outline any and all defects. The quality of the veneer is important because it serves as the ‘wear layer’ which will ultimately determine the life span of the floor. High-quality factories have a large quantity of veneer stock available across a wide range of grades. The veneer is inspected and sorted into the different grades for convenient selection and order picking. All the harvesting and background information on these pieces are readily available which is ideal compared to some factories which only buy veneers on the market or from other factories – thus putting the integrity of the stock at risk. Plywood Quality While the surface of the engineered wood floor give it the unique looks, it is the inner plywood core that provides the functionality. The quality of the plywood will determine how moisture resistant and dimensionally stable the floor will be. Quality plywood should come without overlapping, without gaps, and with each layer evenly distributed. For example, an 11mm plywood should be constructed of 7 layers all at 1.5mm thick. The composite wood which makes up the plywood is also very important ranging from birch to eucalyptus to unknown materials. It’s important to note that the quality of the plywood will also affect the overall price of the flooring. Moisture Balance The reason that engineered wood floors must be acclimated to room temperature before installation is because of their internal moisture composition. Products which are incredibly wet will swell, bow, and crack when they adjust to room temperature. Beyond that though, the key point to remember with moisture is balance. What acclimation does is level the amount of moisture coming in with the moisture going out. Therefore flooring providers who have an ideal balance on their products to begin with (8-11%) will provide a better installing plank on the back end.

Engineered wood flooring Factories established in 1996, covering 36,000 square meter. Engineered wood flooring is one of our advantage products. russian oak flooring Our flooring are 90% for export, with 2015-2016 anunal turnovers of US$45 million.

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GOLINKWOOD built GOLINKFLOOR because he saw a need in the market russian oak for extraordinarily well-crafted but accessible hardwood flooring. wood flooring manufacturers With his family already established in hardwood flooring and lord parquet manufacturing, he received admission to the highest quality in raw materials. By offering products directly – avoiding retailers and storefronts whose individual commissions tongue and groove flooring only inflate pricing – he founded a sales model that spared all parties the trouble of middlemen, while passing along the balance savings to the customer. PurezaWood can offer luxury hardwood so competitively priced パーケットフローリング 高い because it comes straight from the source. engineered wood flooring manufacturers We take our craftsmanship seriously. We want to create the standard for engineered hardwood flooring. We are in constant contact with our factory, visiting many times every year, to ensure both the quality of the lumber and the wellbeing of every employee. engineered wood flooring manufacturers china, Because we monitor every step of manufacture, we can offer customization fitted just for your vision. engineered wood flooring china Sustainability is incredibly important to us. With our changing world, golink floor we must always remain conscientious and adapt according to need. We woven vinyl flooring pride ourselves on our environmentally minded acquisition of materials. engineered wood flooring Our efforts earned our organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certification, a demanding process that requires we neither use chemical synthetic packhan fertilizers and pesticides nor damage chevron engineered wood flooring the surrounding environment in our harvests. This regulation mandates JAS-labeled products’ low environmental impact, finest quality, and strictest standards. best wood flooring We are also CARB II-compliant. The golinkfloor California Air Resources Board issued these wood-product guidelines to maintain and improve air quality, certifying materials as compliant to parquet engineered wood flooring keep consumers safe from known carcinogens. engineered parquet flooring All PurezaWood products follow CARB II, and we support all such consumer-protective measures. ロシア オーク パーケットフローリング 미국 바닥재 종류 Gluing and Press Another thing to ask potential flooring suppliers in China is how the inner layers of their product is put together. One of the biggest areas where toxins can be released is with how the layers of plywood are formed together. A quality factory will test the product for it’s CARB rating (reduced emissions) as well as testing the flooring for delamination. The product should be tested both before and after it is glued and pressed. Speaking of pressing, it’s also important to ask whether the layers are hot or cold pressed together. Heat pressed flooring has a tendency to bow after installation because of all the dimensional changes the product has undergone in the manufacturing process. Defects Repair While some small knots and holes add to the natural look of wood, top grade materials are intended to be smooth and defect free. Factories will repair these imperfections before manufacturing the flooring and how they do so is important. For example, quality factories will use an epoxy resin that is durable and unnoticeable compared to a wood powder that can collapse and compromise the surface of the flooring. Tongue and Groove Quality Believe it or not, the quality of the tongue and groove on engineered flooring varies greatly from factory to factory. Even if a flooring has great composition and makeup, without quality T&G the product will install crooked and with gaps. The Germany Homag is perhaps the ‘Cadillac’ of tongue and groove machines with the combination of high quality notching and increased speed. Check to see what kind of T&G machine the factories have and if their tongue and groove tests well with an angle square and feeler gauge. Lacquer Coating The lacquer coating on the flooring not only provides the layer of gloss which affects the floor’s looks, it also serves as a protective surface. It’s important to know what type of lacquer coating the factory is using (recommended Germany Treffert 7 Layer) so that the floor is scratch-resistant and impervious to UV damage. Lacquers have ratings that include the adhesive level, hardness, and anti-scratch qualities. Packing It doesn’t make sense to take the time to manufacture quality flooring if it is just going to be damaged in shipping. Top notch manufacturers will package their product with paper cartons and durable sides to resist damage and hot shrink to protect against moisture. Pallets should also be used for easy loading and unloading in the warehouse. Delivery Time Another thing to look into is estimated delivery times of the product. While there is some leeway between when people are shopping for flooring and the actual installation, it’s still best to minimize that wait time just in case. A quality factory will have a large volume of material on hand for production, especially when a ‘rush’ is needed for shortages or emergency jobs. Prices Extremely low flooring prices from manufacturers in China should raise a red flag. Affordability is definitely a concern but low offers usually mean poor construction and low-quality material resources. A flooring with a short life span or one that must be continually be shipped back and forth for replacement will raise the overall price in the long run. Finally, you want to look for a flooring company that will be your partner, keeping an open line of communication and operating with your best interests in mind. There are some real inferior manufacturers out there, but sifting through the rubble to find a quality provider is worth the extra time and effort.



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